Here are the topics you should have covered last semester. (Also note the additions to normal book coverage.)

Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  Fundamental Data Types
adding the rest of [interesting] cmath and introducing cctype, ctime, climits, cstdlib, cstddef, iomanip, and more iostream
Chapter 2.7-8  Objects
Online Notes   [More Practical] Objects
including string construction methods and cin's peek, fail, clear, ignore, etc. functions
Chapter 3  Control Flow
Chapter 4  Functions
early library design
Chapter 5  Classes
Chapter 6.1-4  Vectors and Arrays
Online Notes  Multidimensional Containers: vectors

Note: When we talk of strings, we are NOT talking about C-style strings! We are talking about the string class (.length(), ::size_type, etc.). I will try to make it clear from context which we are discussing.