Here is a copy of your syllabus. (You may print it if dead trees are your style.)


You can check out here for an 'ongoing' list of the topics we will cover this semester...

But the official notes page is always where to look for lots of detailed information...unless it isn't there, of course.

Here is a list of topics we hope to cover this semester:


Tips for Searching This Site

With Google, you can search just this site by adding: inurl:121

to your search terms.

So, for instance, to find information on how you should answer those TPQs (the Thought-Provoking Questions), you could enter this in the search box (i.e. dialog):

    how answer (thought provoking questions|question) OR (TPQ|TPQs) inurl:121

(Oddly, Google uses a single vertical bar as a shorthand for logical "OR"...)

Or, to search for information about how to convert [measurement] units with the modulo operation you could enter:

    unit convert|conversion modulo inurl:121

Remember that Google won't search for symbols unless it has 'realized' they are significant. (Like if you put C++ inside double quotes, it realizes that the + symbols are important...since it has seen nearly a hundred million ...or so... pages with that same sequence of characters in them.)

(Feel free to just copy-paste the search tip(s) into your search entry. *smile* And if they seem to chop off, they'll scroll with the Arrow keys if you click in their box — or with the mouse as you are copy-dragging.)


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