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Exam 1

Title C++/Programming Topic(s)
Variables, Data Types, and Constants data types, et. al.
Main Program the main function
Programming Style naming, spacing, etc.
Input/Output input/output basics
Input Streams input processing
Object-Oriented Programming Basics OOP terminology and basic syntax
Built-in Libraries built-in function libraries
Random Value Generation rand() et. al.

Title C++/Programming Topic(s) Simple Flow Control if, while, and such Input/Output Redux intermediate input/output Logical Operations bool Branching Basics if string basics basics of using strings strings using strings more effectively Looping Basics while Shorthand Operators ++, +=, etc. Advanced Branching switch, ?:, nesting Advanced Looping do & for Function Basics simple function ideas Logical Groups grouping things together Function Re-Use re-usability of functions Function Arguments function arguments vocabulary Intermediate Uses of Function moderately tricky function ideas like reference (&) Advanced Functions inline, default, overload Libraries programmer defined libraries
(aka separate compilation) Basic classes class basics Intermediate classes continuing classes
TitleC++/Programming Topic(s) vectors using vectors List Management managing lists of data [no answers] Searching and Sorting ordering and location of data [no answers] Advanced classes classes mixed with vectors nD vectors using 2D (and larger) vectors

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