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  1. 121 Review of classes and Separate Compilation ( Week )

    Here's a study guide to help you get ready as well as its key to make sure you are studying the right answers. (It covers some vector topics, too, but those will be on the second exam so consider this a free extra study guide. *grin*)

  2. 121 Review of vectors and New Material on C-Style Arrays ( Week )

    (Recall that the study guide for test 1 covers some vector topics, too.)

  3. Pointers & Dynamic Memory (Week 8)

  4. Streams & operator Overloading (Week 11)

  5. Inheritance and Polymorphism (Week 12)

  6. templates (Week 13)

  7. Data Structures Introduction & C++ Extras (Week 16)

  8. Cumulative Final (Week )