Topical Information

The purpose of this project is to test your ability to use files, strings, classes, and operator overloading effectively in program design.

Program Information

Create a program to build a concordance from a file specified by the user. In essence, a concordance is like an index of all words used in a document. Once a concordance is built, we can of course use it to speed searching a document for keywords. But we can also use it to study the use of words within different contexts (useful in linguistics).

To be useful, a concordance would not include trivial words like articles (a, an, the) — as these would just get in the way of studying keywords. In addition, the concordance might even contain references to common phrases used within the document.

Your concordance should provide the following capabilities in a nice menu-driven interface:

Tip: Perhaps a map data structure would be of use here? Mapping words to lists of page/line/position references? *shrug*

This assignment is (Level 6).