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Exam 1

Name Topic(s)
Console Stream Review cin and cout
cin Review cin itself
Library Review making your own libraries
string Review the C++ string class
Basic class Review basic classes
Intermediate class Review classes
1D vector Review 1D vectors
Review of List Management lists in vectors
Review of Searching & Sorting vectors vector searching/sorting
2D vector Review 2D vectors
1D Array Review 1D arrays
Review of List Management lists in arrays
Review of Searching & Sorting Arrays array searching/sorting
String Review C-strings
2D Array Review 2D arrays

Exam 2

Pointer Review pointers (not dynamic memory)
Iterator Review iterators of a vector or string
Dynamic Memory Review dynamic memory
Basic File Handling Review simple file handling
Stream Formatting Review formatting on (output) streams
Stream Processing Review processing data from a stream
Data Formatting Review laying out data in a file
Operator Overloading Review overloading operators
String class Review using String objects
Name Topic(s) Basic Inheritance Review class inheritance Basic Polymorphism Review polymorphism and inheritance Advanced Inheritance and Polymorphism Review class inheritance and polymorphism Template Function Review function templates Function Argument Review function arguments and function objects Template Class Review class templates Algorithm Analysis Review analyzing algorithms Recursion Review calling a function from itself! Linked Lists Review linked data structures Stacks & Queues Review piling it up or lining it up Trees Review how tall and leafy! Exceptions Review using exceptions wisely Assert Review assert vs. proper design

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