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What Came Before

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Notes from 122  old 122 notes

Visualizations for Algorithms and Data Structures

VisuAlgo — VISUalizations of ALGOrithms, get it?
Gnarley Trees — no visualizations, anymore, but great info and references
Algorithm Animations and Visualizations
CS Animated

New This Semester

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Section 3.3; Page 127; DLinkedList::add last lineChange the first v->prev to u->prev. The right-to-left nature of the assignment operation will otherwise cause a loop in your list!
sum of squares formula  deriving a summation
Big Oh and Friends  math of big O
Analysis of Linear Search  beginning to end analysis of linear search
Advanced Timing of Program Events  timing beyond the per-second-resolution time() function
Recursion Basics  functions calling themselves — the madness!
Recursion & Induction  recursion/induction worksheet
Building a Heap Bottom-Up Analysis  there's a typo in one of their algorithms, can you spot it?
here, too, is the specification of reheapDownMax as used
Heap Sort in an Array  using heapsort in an array
Random Probing in a Hash Table  non-linear open addressing
Red-Black Trees vs. AVL Trees (in C++)  a discussion of red-black trees without all that 2-4 tree jazz
Sorting Algorithm Animations (in Java)  um...animated sorting algorithms...coded in Java..?
okay, they no longer animate, but the codes are there and here is a Jar file with them all ready to demo as well as their documentation (under sortDemo)
Thanks Albrecht!
Advanced Sorting Techniques  notes about advanced sorting techniques not related to a specific data structure
Adjacency Matrices  notes about adjacency matrices (as opposed to lists) for graph path finding
Relevant Algorithm Animations/Visualizations (in Java)  Links to other algorithm animation/visualization sites but also MANY nice visualizations for graphs, trees, recursion, etc.
Standard (Prefix) Tries  Visualization of the insertion, removal, and search of standard tries.
Suffix Tries  Searching in a Suffix Trie; links to a linear construction algorithm for a Suffix Trie!
Ukkonen's Construction of Suffix Tries  Visualization of a linear construction algorithm for a Suffix Trie!
Generalized Suffix Tries  Building a Suffix Trie containing multiple words; with a link to notes on such