Syllabus for MTH220
Discrete Mathematics
IAI M1 905, IAI CS 915
3 Credit Hours (3/0 lecture/lab)
Spring 2024
Harper College


Class will meet:

Section Time Days Room
003 12:30-13:45 TR D256

from Jan 16th to May 17th.


You will have your final Wednesday and Thursday of Finals Week — May 15-May 16.


MTH 103 (college algebra) with a grade of a C or better
other placement options as listed here.


Discrete Mathematics; Irani; zyBooks; 2024

(you might find useful)

Discrete Mathematics with Proof, Gossett, Wiley

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Rosen, McGraw Hill


Introduces analysis of finite collections and mathematical foundations of sequential machines, computer system design, data structures, and algorithms. Includes sets and logic, subscripts, arrays, number systems, counting, recursion, graph theory, trees, networks, and Boolean algebra.

STUDENT OUTCOMES (The student should...)
  1. illustrate the basic concepts of sets, relations and functions.
  2. use mathematical logic and Boolean algebra.
  3. apply combinations, permutations, and the pigeonhole principle.
  4. solve simple graph problems.
  5. explain the algorithms for traversing trees.
Activity Percent
Tests63 %
Final25 %
'In Class' Activities 12 %
Total100 %
Grade Percentage
A 90-
B 80- 90
C 70- 80
D 60- 70
F 0- 60

Tests consist (most often) of multiple choice, word problems, graphing/interpretation, solving equations, proofs, etc. Tests may also contain thought/discussion problems. All problems are based on similar homework problems from that test's chapter(s). (But not necessarily homework 'set' problems...)

Make-up exams (with reasonable excuse — see participation), will be ALL essays, proofs, and/or word problems.

The final is cumulative. That is, it will contain problems from through-out the entire semester.

Grading of all exams is based on correctness of work SHOWN. (If you do scratch work, don't erase it! And if you do scratch work on a separate sheet, label it with the problem number...)

Types of Assignments Timing of Assignments Grading of Assignments Handing in Assignments
Homework sets The homework sets for a chapter are for you to do to prepare for each exam. Do it at your own pace, but I'd recommend you do the problems at least twice a week — after each lecture. Again, I won't be grading the homework sets as they are for your own benefit. Don't hand in your homework sets. They are completely for your own benefit.
Participation Every class period will be followed up by 'participation' questions on the TopHat website. Grading is automated but you get 80% for just hitting Submit! These are all on the TopHat website and you just need to hit Submit on each problem separately.
Extra Credit You can hand in extra credit at any time — but you must mark it clearly as extra credit. Extra credit based on homework sets is graded based on completeness and thoroughness. Extra credit based on summary papers is graded on completeness, thoroughness, and correctness. Extra credit based on computer implementation or research is based on depth and completeness. Make sure you place your name, course, section, and the points the extra credit is worth at least on the submission.

For exercises, label each section of each chapter as such. Start new sections on a new PDF.

If I can't read it, it doesn't count.

Due dates are present for a reason. If you do not turn in an assignment by the due date given, credit will be denied. (Reasonable excuses may be accepted so that credit will merely be reduced.)

Week(s) Chapter Sections   Topics
1 Chapter 1.1-10  Logic
2 Chapter 2.1-7  Proofs

Exam 1
3 Chapter 3.1-7  Sets
3, 4 Chapter 4.1-5  Functions
4 Chapter 5.1  Boolean Algebra

Exam 2
5, 6 Chapter 6.1-10  Relations / Digraphs

Exam 3
6 Chapter 7.1-3  Computation
7, 8 Chapter 8.1-14,17  Induction and Recursion

Exam 4
9 Chapter 9.1-5  Integer Properties
10, 11 Chapter 10.1-12  Introduction to Counting
11, 12 Chapter 11.1-3  Advanced Counting

Exam 5
12, 13 Chapter 13.1-9  Graphs
14 Chapter 14.1,3-6  Trees

Exam 6
15, 16 Chapter 12.1-8  Discrete Probability
16 Chapter 11.4  Generating Functions

Exam 7

I will try to keep the week-to-week schedule up to date with notices during class. Watch for them (and remind me if I forget...)!

I reserve the right to change this syllabus with sufficient warning to you.