The Task

To foster your understanding of computer science, its history, where we come from, etc. you can learn about 'famous' computer scientists. These are the people who have shaped the course of our discipline. They are our founding fathers and mothers.

On occasion, there will be items that come up in lecture discussions or even during lab discussions. I will attempt to remember to add these to the list below.

The Deal

I will even give you points of extra credit for each page you write on the computer science contributions made by any of the people in the following list. Each paper must be at least 2 pages and no more than 5 pages. You can write as many papers as you like during the semester. They will be graded on accuracy, completeness, quality, and clarity. Each must be accompanied by a set of references (which do NOT add to the page count).

You may write papers on other famous contributors to the field of computer science or other interesting and related topics, as well. Simply come to me for approval on your person/people/topic.

The Details

Please see this page for formatting rules you must follow as well as rules for handing it in..!