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Hello, my name is Jason James. I teach Computer Science at Harper College. (You can get more information about our faculty at the Full-Time Faculty web site and the Part-Time Faculty web site.)

At Harper College, Computer Science is coupled with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, so from time to time, I also teach various Math courses (primarily algebra — pre-calculus).

Current Semester Information

If you are just wanting to find me, you can check out my current schedule. (It should be the same as the one beside my office. In case of a conflict, this one is always more current.)

With Finals Week upon us, I thought I'd post my finals schedule. (It is only good that one week. Don't expect it to start now or carry past the 17th.)

But, if you'd like to know more about a particular course I'm teaching right now, check out its particular page:

Regular Sections Open Entry Sections
CSC 122 — Intermediate Programming (C++) CSC 217 — Assembly Language (Intel)
CSC 216 — Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures (C++/Java)
MTH 220 — Discrete Mathematics

Or, if you'd rather know more about a course I've taught in the past, you'll need to navigate through the table below:

Programming Mathematics
C++ General
Data Structures Algebras
Assembly Language Foundations I
(Beginning/Introductory Algebra)
Java College Algebra
C Discrete Mathematics

Other Useful Sites & Information

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